Thursday, February 5, 2009

Police Officers Who Stalk Intimate Partners

Police Who Stalk Their Intimate Partners: Public Trust at Risk

Police officers who stalk their intimate partners use specialized means to do so. While there may be few law enforcement officers who cross this line, engaging in this type of criminal behavior, does and is happening around the nation. While it would be agreed that police who stalk others, including their intimate partners, would be doing so against stalking laws, one would have to admit that although seemingly rare, it is justifiably and certainly not within the realm of possibility. It does happen, but is usually not reported, as the victim lives in great fear.

Police are not immune from participating in criminal acts; and with domestic violence among law enforcement estimated in studies to be about 40%, compared to 8-10% in the general population, more attention needs to given to this serious and often lethal problem in society.

Considering what is known about stalking behavior, it actually would be easier for a stalker, operating within the confines of a police department, to more easily perpetrate these types of acts of violence while being protected and operating 'under cover.' Officers who stalk, often do so, believing they will not get caught.

How does a police officer stalk?

First of all, officers use whatever skills and training they already possess to commit their crimes 'undercover.' If they have special skills in forensics, stalking, domestic violence, identity theft, just to name a few, they are able to use these specialized skills in the stalking of their prey. Police who stalk use their repertoire of skills accessing department-issued equipment to stalk. It is not uncommon for a cop-stalker to use the exact same equipment utilized and readily available in the department's detective unit, for instance. This arsenal of equipment, normally used to catch criminals, might include voice decoders, phone id spoofers, voice distorters, scramblers and other related devices to disguise one's voice, source of call, etc. Thus, this is the first line of attack; whatever is familiar to the officer in his line of work is easily and readily available for use in committing the acts of stalking. All of the skills of the officer, whether if be narcotics, identity theft, or investigation; all these abilities are used against the stalking victim.

Secondly, officers use other officers. It is very easy for an officer to enlist the 'brotherhood in blue' to participate in the acts of violence to contribute to the further victimization of the stalker's intimate partner. Officers who stalk may enlist the assistance of their fellow officers to also make a few calls to the victim, add a few extra drive-bys to the victim's house for the purpose of surveillance or they may actually make false charges or reports that the victim is stalking the officer, known commonly as 'false victimization.' In other words, the police officer stalker convinces his co-workers that HE is being victimized by a stalker, and all defenses go up! On some occasions the police officer stalker is able to convince friends, legal acquaintances and other officers that an arrest of the victim needs to be made and indeed this is what happens.

Thirdly, officers who stalk their intimate partners, use special methods to do so. Officers have been known to use their department's fax machine to place calls to the victim, or they make calls from places that would not be easily traceable, like from the neighboring domestic violence offices,where the officer frequents. Officers who have FBI training in stalking and caller id spoofing, may use these state-of-the-art methods, as they are familiar with high-profile cases and they are very aware of how various criminals and cyber-stalkers were able to perform acts of violence without leaving any evidence or leads.

A police officer who stalks an intimate partner, is a risk to society. The acts of a police officer stalker entrusted with the responsibility of protecting the public, as part of a course of action and conduct of behavior defined as criminal activity, is not only alarming but should be of grave concern to everyone. Stalking by police officers needs to be stopped; all parties who have knowledge of facts, can and are opening themselves up to civil and criminal liability for participating in such acts. Police who stalk their intimate partners need to be stopped and arrested, just as if they were like anyone else.

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At February 12, 2009 at 8:07 PM , Blogger Alexis Moore said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At February 12, 2009 at 8:10 PM , Blogger Alexis Moore said...

I deleted my last comment becuase it did not do this piece justice.

Susan Rhoades, you are an amazingly courageous woman! Many talk a good game very few actually take action! You are going to be making a big difference for millions of women across the country and your courage is something that I truly admire.

Stay strong and fight the good fight you are not alone and victims of stalking and abuse need strong women like you to fight for justice!

Together we can make a difference for victims of crime!

At February 13, 2009 at 11:34 AM , Blogger womenslegal said...

I had the pleasure to speak with Susan Rhoades. I feel Susan is going to pave the way for women to come out and speak about their abuse.

It's a crime that women are shunned from help simply because they are involved in or married to police officers.

You can count on Women's Legal Resource for support.

At February 21, 2009 at 2:49 PM , Blogger Innerlite said...

Excellent post, Susan. I am a victim advocate who has worked within a law enforcement agency for 13 years. I have been fortunate that there has been little egregious conduct from within and what has occurred was addressed swiftly and appropriately.

There have been incidents in other local police agencies that I have been called upon to address on behalf of victims. Luckily I have had support from a pro-active prosecutor who maintains a zero tolerance policy and doesn't hesitate to get involved. We are a smaller rural area so that may make a difference.
Confidentiality for the victim and exposure of the perpetrator and not engaging in the "good ole boy" mentality is my approach.
All the best in your continued stand against injustice! Diane

At March 27, 2009 at 7:46 PM , Blogger seabird_6 said...

YES. also check out
I'm running but they've save my life.

At February 21, 2010 at 11:02 AM , Blogger freesomeday said...

My ex-husband has stalked me continously for 5.5 years ,he uses every tool available as a cop to try and destroy my life.Has beat the children ,police reports available and gets away with it .dead animals on my porch.How do you get help ,cant afford atty,he has personality disorder ,destroying me financially,no support and the code of blue stays strong .phones tapped,car bugged ,evidence given ,has people follow me what do i do

At July 28, 2010 at 10:46 AM , Blogger freeoneday said...

A Doctor Colin Song from Singapore general hospital (He is not a cop, but he Hires many EX cops) has stalked me continuously for 10 years, use every means try and destroy my life.spreading rumors at my working places, destroyed my relationships, isolated me from the society,How do I get help, As Freesomeday said: he has personality disorders. My phones tapped,car bugged ,evidence given ,has people follow me what do i do.Please Help!! My email is

At July 28, 2010 at 10:46 AM , Blogger freeoneday said...

A Doctor Colin Song from Singapore general hospital (He is not a cop, but he Hires many EX cops) has stalked me continuously for 10 years, use every means try and destroy my life.spreading rumors at my working places, destroyed my relationships, isolated me from the society,How do I get help, As Freesomeday said: he has personality disorders. My phones tapped,car bugged ,evidence given ,has people follow me what do i do.Please Help!! My email is

At May 7, 2011 at 10:38 AM , Blogger jennifer said...

my ex husband is a cop and he is stalking me, he has been calling my phone with numbers that are un heard of and he follows me when I'm in my car, and he has the whole town acting on his behalf, he has been tapping into my internet, cable service, and computer. Even my parents are acting on his behalf and thats a new low for them especially when they keep telling me they hate him. He has used my friends and has sent my ex boyfriends to my door asking me for favors and he has set up cameras in my apartment and watches me do everything even with intimate partners through which he has set up. He takes everything I say and do and twists it up to hurt me. He has even went as far as to get people to hurt me physically. He has had the neighbors and landlord acting on his behalf as well. I think this is a bit extreme and he needs to be locked up with his fellow criminals, he truly is a danger to society, and most of all you can never trust a man like that.

At April 18, 2012 at 6:37 AM , Blogger La Morena said...

How can you find out if someone (i.e., a cop ex) has bugged your car or placed a gps tracker somewhere on it?

At June 17, 2013 at 3:58 AM , Blogger Kellie Walworth said...

My ex husband is a cop and he has been on and off stalking me for over 2 years. I am absolutely terrified and the police departments said they didn't have enough evidence from when he assaulted me. I have permanent physical damage. Anyway, recently he has been getting closer and closer. Not just following me in a car anymore. He watches me. Follows me into restaurants, mall, fairs. Something is off with his personality. He always had to control everyone's perception of him. Would get pissed if my photos didn't portray the perfect look of sincere happiness. After he assaulted me he scared me a few days later by having me stare down the barrel of his AR. I am still traumatized from that. I still have nightmares. Anyway, I try to keep online logs in case anything happens.

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